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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HTML Summary

HTML Summary

This tutorial has taught you how to use HTML to create your own web site.
HTML is the universal markup language for the Web. HTML lets you format text, add graphics, create links, input forms, frames and tables, etc., and save it all in a text file that any browser can read and display.
The key to HTML is the tags, which indicates what content is coming up.
For more information on HTML, please take a look at our HTML examples and our HTML reference.

Now You Know HTML, What's Next?

CSS is used to control the style and layout of multiple Web pages all at once.
With CSS, all formatting can be removed from the HTML document and stored in a separate file.
CSS gives you total control of the layout, without messing up the document content.
To learn how to create style sheets, please visit our CSS tutorial.
JavaScript can make your web site more dynamic.
A static web site is nice when you just want to show flat content, but a dynamic web site can react to events and allow user interaction.
JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the internet and it works with all major browsers.
If you want to learn more about JavaScript, please visit our JavaScript tutorial.