Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Installing PEAR:SOAP

The Installation of PEAR:SOAP does not require any additional extensions, as the library will make use of the overload extension if it is loaded. The latest version of PEAR::SOAP at the time of this writing was 0.7. The dependencies for this release are listed below:

pcre - PHP Extension: This extension should be compiled in automatically in your PHP libraries/binary. If that is not the case, you need to enable it by passing --enable-pcre (note that this is standard) to configure.

HTTP_Request- PEAR Package: Should be installed by default. If it�s not, install it manually by downloading it from, and copying the files to your PEAR base directory, or use the pear program: pear install HTTP_Request.

Mail_Mime- PEAR Package: Install manually or with pear: pear install Mail_Mime.
Net_Dime- PEAR Package: Install manually, or with pear: pear install Net_Dime.
Net_Url- PEAR Package: Should be installed by default. If not, install manually, or with pear: pear install Net_Url.

When you�ve made sure you�ve got all the above packages installed, it�s safe to install PEAR::SOAP. As with the other PEAR packages, this can either be done manually by downloading from, or by using the pear script:

root@localhost:~# pear install soap

It should be said that there have been some problems with the dependency-check in the pear script, and that�s not uncommon that the above command fails with a dependency error, although all required packages actually are installed. If that happens, just install the package manually instead, and try to keep in mind that we�re dealing with bleeding-edge, experimental software here. Note that pear will be standard in PHP 4.3, and all these issues should be taken care of by that time.

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