Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HTML Basic Webpage and Template designing

Confirming that we acknowledge that various people today use Content Management System CMS or Content Administration Frameworks to take care of your net space or resource. There are still webmasters who do custom work. The pages of their areas have a private touch. It may be attractive or engaging for the clients to see restricted part of its substance. This presupposes presenting a defense, for which I will represent, using a table that is indigent upon a class made as CSS.

This should begin with, make a class that could be recovered as we stated as a CSS template. This class may have the going hand in hand with structure:


The class name is .styleClass. It several parameters working elaborate as under:
1. background-color:  The background color of the .styleClass is Black and its code is #000.
2. border:  Borders of the class that has a thickness of 1 pixel and its color code # CCC.
3. padding: It shows the detachment between the internal edge and the territory in which the content material is to be call for working. For our situation is 2 pixels on every last one of the four sides.

To call this class can utilize two strategies. Introducing into the zone <head>…</head> document the definition as follows:

Or create a style sheet, if you have not already created, and put in the same class definition box. If that sheet is called styles.css and css in the styles folder, you must call in your document, also within the area <head> ... </ head>, with the following statement:

What you need to do now is utilization the style on your locale website, your blogs and web pages. To do this we will make a table used to keep the content. Something similar to the following:


Save this file as index.html and open it into your browser and see the results. Enjoy it!

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